What we're

all about...

Head Over Feels is a podcast about using your brain in matters of the heart, blending emotional awareness with intellectual relationship skills. Hosted by Megan Sundra and Fernando DV, who provide raw, real, and sometimes ridiculous advice on love, sex, and relationships.

Answering your questions and sharing resources, we equip you each week with juicy insights, tantalizing tools, and embarrassing anecdotes in order to help you have the best lovelife ever. Our intention for the podcast is to support, advise, and educate about all kinds of topics relating to sexuality, communication, conflict management, dating, self-awareness, and so much more. Our approach is always authentic, validating, progressive, relatable, lighthearted, and enlightening. Tune in to commiserate, laugh, and learn something new!


We met in 2017 at a Friendsgiving dinner, and bonded over Fernando's amazing chocolate rum cake. Since then, we've been helping each other through tough times, adventuring in the mountains, dancing our cute butts off, and giving relationship advice to strangers at events throughout Colorado. We’ve grown in convergent ways through years of therapy, self-help books, and making more than our fair share of mistakes.


Our approach to relationship philosophy is rooted in our experience in alternative communities, sex-positive beliefs, radical inclusion, fine-tuned communication practices, and a healthy dose of dark humor. 

Although we're not professionally-trained advice-givers, we hope that through sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can introduce you to new concepts, support your feelings, give you a new way to look at situations, and empower you to own your desires, needs, and emotions.


Love is confusing enough as it is, and most of us aren’t shown healthy examples or taught effective relationship skills. This podcast is a springboard to new ways of thinking, an exciting growth journey, and badass relationships!