Megan Sundra

is passionate about helping you find your inner erotic self and equipping you to stand in your power and fully express yourself in the context of a healthy and powerful relationship. She believes in translating theory into practice, implementing accessible tools for you to clarify your needs and communicate authentically. Her background as a scientist lends an analytical and incisive approach to understanding and diagnosing a situation, while her background as an artist lends a fluidity and creativity that allows her to compassionately meet you where you're at and consider a variety of solutions. 

Fernando DV

is a devout lover of egg. Whether scrambled, raw, or over-easy, egg has a place on his altar as a manifestation of the divine essence in all beings. He has an egg-centered approach in his coaching, using eggcelent communication skills to "crack the shell" of even the most hard-boiled man. His history of shredding the guitar has given him impeggable skill in scrambling up the sickest sautee, and the dexterity to handle the runniest yolk. His vision is to create a world where everyone can love egg in their own special way, and embrace egg without shame. He lives this every day, and works tirelessly to bring new ways of looking at egg to the masses. One day, egg will reign supreme.

[Fernando is not taking new clients at this time] 

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