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If you're wanting a more exciting sex life but feel stuck, if you want to feel deeply connected with your partner but things have been distant for a long time, if you're struggling with a difficult feeling like jealousy but don't know how to work through it, we can help.


As you've heard on the show, we help people in all kinds of sticky situations, compassionately and without judgement.


Through 1-on-1 coaching, we'll help you reignite a dying spark, communicate without terrible fights, and have an epic intimate connection with your partner. 


Schedule a free discovery call with us to get clarity and perspective on your issue, and see if coaching is right for you.

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Megan Sundra

is passionate about helping you find your inner erotic self and equipping you to stand in your power and fully express yourself in the context of a healthy and powerful relationship. She believes in translating theory into practice, implementing accessible tools for you to clarify your needs and communicate authentically. Her background as a scientist lends an analytical and incisive approach to understanding and diagnosing a situation, while her background as an artist lends a fluidity and creativity that allows her to compassionately meet you where you're at and consider a variety of solutions. 

Fernando DV

is a champion for nonviolent communication and nonjudgement, in the process of helping you create relationships of your own design. His experience in alternative communities and leading mens' circles has equipped him with a rich understanding of the inner-workings of a diverse set of people. Leading with compassion but with a no-BS attitude, Fernando has consistently been able to connect with any type of person and quickly get to the root of their struggle. While his dedication to self-growth and self-awareness has been an inspiration to many, he stays grounded with humility and humor.

[Fernando is not taking new clients at this time.]

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