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006. Going to a Conference with a Meta you dislike, Being a Dom Who Can't, New Relationship Secrecy

This week we cover topics like going to a conference with a meta (or metamour) that you cannot stand, being a Dom that struggles being a Dom, and new relationship secrecy. The winner for our contest is nick_mash!  Sent us a message via our email ( or any of our social media platforms so we can schedule your one-on-one coaching session with us! Metamour (from Urban Dictionary): Literally, meta = with; about + amor = love. The partner of one's partner, with whom one does not share a direct sexual or loving relationship Our spotlight topic and Toolbox resource are combined to go over the Concept of Bids. Resource Links: Interested in any of the books we have mentioned in the podcast? Go to to get One Free Audio Book and One Free Month Trial of Audible!

Submit your burning questions at Interested in one-on-one coaching with us?  Go to for more info!

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